Veritas Backup Exec™ is the backup solution without barriers, delivered your way. You
choose what to back up, where to store it and how to pay for it. Your data remains
secure and available at every stage—whether backing up on-premises to the cloud,
protecting workloads within the cloud, recovering from the cloud or connecting to onprem
storage. (See Figure 1.) With Instant Cloud Recovery, Backup Exec integrates
directly with Azure Site Recovery to ensure data and application availability with
cloud-based disaster recovery (DR).
Backup Exec is available for purchase in either perpetual or term subscription
licensing, with the level of functionality you require—Bronze, Silver or Gold. Bronze
edition offers the most economic option. Silver edition offers the most used features.
Gold edition includes all features and functionality available in Backup Exec. Your
purchase is based on the amount of front-end data you need to back up. Your chosen
license-set is available in whatever quantities you require.
Backup Exec 20.4
A fast, cost-effective, unified backup and recovery solution to
protect data wherever it lives—virtual, physical and hybrid clouds.
Figure 1. Backup Exec offers true unified cost-effective data protection with
a single, unified console across cloud, virtual and physical deployments.
Private cloud
Remote office Public cloud
to cloud
Disaster recovery Hybrid cloud
Backup Exec™
Key Features and Benefits
• Protection against Ransomware attacks thanks
to the new Ransomware Resilience feature
that protects backups from being modified by
unauthorized processes.
• Support for the latest key Microsoft and
VMware platforms.
• GDPR Guard enables organizations to
implement information erasure-requests for
enhanced compliance.
• Unified solution for virtual, physical, public
and hybrid cloud environments simplifies
data protection and eliminates the cost and
complexity of multiple point products.
• Fast virtual machine snapshots through deep
integration with Microsoft® Volume Shadow
Copy Service (VSS) and VMware vStorage™
APIs for Data Protection (VADP) minimizes CPU,
memory and I/O load performance impacts on
the virtual environment.
• Instant Recovery of VMware and Hyper-V virtual
machines provides an immediately usable copy
of the server and data for DR, compliance, testing
and application deployment.
• Recovery Ready automates disaster recovery
testing of virtual machine backups to ensure
• Integrated bare-metal Disaster Recovery,
physical to virtual (P2V) and virtual to physical
(V2P) recovery helps minimize downtime and
• Superior security for your data through
integrated 128-/256-bit AES industrialstrength
encryption and compliance with
Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
(PCI DSS) 3.1/3.2.
• Deduplication everywhere allows you to protect
more data and save bandwidth while minimizing
space required for backups across cloud, virtual
and physical.
Backup Exec gives you comprehensive protection against external threats. So if the unthinkable happens, your critical data is backed up
and ready to be recovered, quickly and easily.
When you can solve more problems with less complexity, you have a simple yet powerful solution to improve administrative productivity.
Backup Exec can help you:
• Meet business expectations for backup and recovery.
• Protect your data against ransomware.
• Reduce storage costs.
• Secure data.
• Achieve regulatory requirements.
• Eliminate niche backup tools from your infrastructure.
Fast and reliable backup and recovery
Backup Exec enables you to meet your organization’s data protection expectations by reducing the time it takes to back up and recover
critical information, apps and servers. With Backup Exec you can mitigate the risk and cost of downtime by using a wide variety of flexible
backup and recovery methods. Whether you are using disk, tape or cloud, you can easily and reliably recovery your information.
Fast, cost-effective, multi-cloud backup for confidence and choice
With more cloud storage integration choices available, Backup Exec makes moving your backups to the cloud simple with one-click cloud
storage integration. Get unified cloud data protection with end-to-end deduplication and certified cloud connectors for industry-leading
cloud providers at lower cost and less risk—no matter where the data resides.
Advanced integration with VMware and Hyper-V
Backup Exec protects your entire virtual environment, featuring advanced integration with VMware and Hyper-V. Recover what you need,
when and where you need it. Easily create Instant Recovery copies from your virtual machine backups and perform automated recovery
with Backup Exec Recovery Ready. Backup Exec 20.4 uses Resilient Change Tracking (RCT) and the latest API integration with Hyper-V,
increasing incremental and differential backup performance by over 50% (Veritas internal test). This version also introduces extended
hyper-converged environment support, including SMB 3.0, S2D, Scale out Storage, and Hyper-V on Nutanix.
Integration with Azure Site Recovery
With Instant Cloud Recovery, Backup Exec integrates directly with Azure
Site Recovery to ensure data and application availability with cloud-based
disaster recovery. This integrated Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS)
solution can minimize can minimize recovery point objective (RPO) and
recovery time objective (RTO) for business-critical sites and data with offsite
recovery to Azure.
Save more, store less
Flexible global deduplication in Backup Exec helps you solve for growing data challenges, regardless of how much your data changes. It
helps minimize backup windows, decrease network traffic and reduce disk space required for storing backup data. The new deduplication
to cloud reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) with comprehensive dedupe to cloud that can save storage and infrastructure cost.
Our backups complete with near 100%
reliability and restores are consistently
successful with zero fuss. It just works.
— Brandon Mosak,
IT Director Task Force Tips Inc.
Figure 2. Backup Exec 20.4
Not every backup solution has the flexibility to protect all your organization’s information—whether cloud, virtual and physical. Choose
the data protection architecture that works for you, rather than letting the software dictate your setup. Back up anything to virtually any
storage device, and restore nearly anywhere. From VMs, to entire servers, applications, single files and folders or granular application
objects, Backup Exec is the single solution for all your data protection needs.
A true unified solution: cloud, virtual and physical data protection
Lowering costs and simplifying backup tasks starts with deploying a single solution that is designed for your entire infrastructure
regardless of platform: virtual, physical or cloud. Deeply integrated with VMware, Microsoft and Linux platforms, Backup Exec can
protect one to thousands of servers and virtual machines all from the same user console, providing optimal performance and efficiency.
Scalability is an important consideration in backup and recovery, and Backup Exec supports you as your organization grows.
Hybrid architectures to cloud, disk and tape
Backup Exec provides the flexibility to protect VMware and Hyper-V environments using agents or agentless methods, in addition
to Microsoft and Linux-based physical machines, whether on-prem or in cloud. Flexible target options allow you to write to virtually
any storage device including disk, tape, hosted storage or directly to public cloud services such as Amazon S3, Google Cloud
Storage and Microsoft Azure. Gateway devices such as Amazon Storage Gateway or Microsoft StorSimple permit rapid migration
to economical cloud storage.
Fast, efficient and versatile recovery
Backup Exec recovers data rapidly at any level of granularity with a single-pass backup. In a few simple clicks you can recover data
from cloud servers, virtual machines and physical servers, including entire applications, individual objects, files, folders and granular
application items from Microsoft® Exchange, Active Directory®, SQL Server® and SharePoint®.
Backup Exec intelligently indexes and catalogs backup data so you don’t waste valuable time and disk space mounting backup jobs,
determining what’s inside and searching for specific data. Backup Exec efficiently restores data directly from the backup, which simplifies
and speeds up recovery when you need it most. With Smart Meter integration in Backup Exec 20.4, you now have increased visibility into
your backup storage.
Backup Exec also provides built-in DR to help minimize downtime, mitigate risk and eliminate business disruption. In the event of a
disaster, Backup Exec can recover an entire server from a bare-metal state to the same or dissimilar hardware in minutes, not hours or
days. It can also convert your physical servers or their backups into virtual machines. You can rapidly spin up protected virtual machines
from the backup set for immediate use.
Complex backup and recovery products can be inefficient, time-consuming and expensive to manage. Through intuitive wizards and
insightful dashboards, Backup Exec is easy to implement, use and manage, whether you are upgrading from a previous version or switching
from a competitive product.
Easy to manage
Quickly track and monitor every backup and recovery job through an easy-to-use interface with intuitive dashboards and wizards. In a few
simple clicks, you can set backup jobs, view backup status and perform quick recoveries. Rather than using complex policies, save time
and simplify the implementation of backup protection with a visual workflow that lets you replicate data on-prem, off-site or to the cloud.
In addition, the centralized administration console in Backup Exec delivers scalable management of distributed sites and helps reduce the
time and resources needed to manage your backup operations.
Superior visibility
Smarter decisions begin with better visibility. Backup Exec gives you visibility into your entire backup and recovery infrastructure so that
you can take action when needed. Easily perform a granular search of backed up data including mailbox data by subject, Microsoft SQL
databases by name or SharePoint data by document name. Configure Backup Exec to intelligently browse your environment and discover
servers, VMs and other data at risk, while having full visibility of your backup storage thanks to Smart Meter integration.”.
Flexible licensing
Backup Exec is a cost-effective solution that’s easy to acquire, license, deploy, and scale. With Backup Exec you benefit from the ability
to choose the right licensing model for your environment—all at affordable price.
Reduce information risk and optimize information storage
Backup Exec’s integration with Veritas™ Information Map
renders your information environment in visual context
and guides users towards unbiased, informationgovernance
decision making. (See Figure 3.) Using the
Information Map’s dynamic navigation, customers can
identify areas of risk, areas of value and areas of waste
across their storage environment and make decisions
which help reduce information risk and optimize
information storage.
With hundreds of patents awarded in areas including backup, recovery, virtualization and deduplication, Backup Exec continues a long
tradition of bringing advanced engineering technologies to market first.
For a complete list of system requirements and supported devices, please refer to the Backup Exec hardware and software compatibility
Backup Exec Editions
Backup Exec is available with the following licensing editions:
• Gold—perpetual and subscription.
• Silver—perpetual and subscription.
• Bronze—perpetual and subscription.
• Custom (à la carte)—perpetual only.
Backup Exec Perpetual and Term Subscription simplifies license management by enabling you to adapt and scale quickly to meet the
evolving needs of your business. Backup Exec subscription licensing gives you access to unified data protection solution software with
upgrades and new feature releases all rolled into a single, subscription price. There are three subscription editions: Bronze, Silver and Gold.
Figure 3. Veritas Information Map integration renders your information environment in visual
context and guides users towards unbiased, information-governance decision making.
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The Backup Exec Bronze, Silver and Gold perpetual and subscription offerings include unlimited deployment of the Backup Exec server,
options and agents, as long as the number of front-end terabytes of data being protected does not exceed the number of terabytes
specified by your license, with a minimum of 1 zTB license per Backup Exec server. ‘Front-end terabyte’ (FETB) is defined as the size of
the protected, uncompressed data (that is, data that has not been deduplicated). You may purchase licenses for as many TB as you need
based on the amount of data that needs to be protected. The number of Backup Exec Servers cannot exceed the number of TB purchase
because each each Backup Exec Server must be licensed for at least 1 TB.
• Bronze Edition—Perpetual and Term subscription and billed upfront. File server protection for on-premises and cloud.
• Silver Edition—Perpetual and Term subscription and billed upfront. File server, database and application protection for on-premises and cloud.
• Gold Edition—Perpetual and Term and billed upfront. File server, database and application protection for on-prem and cloud with
centralized management of backup servers for multi-site locations.
• Custom Edition (à la carte)—The Custom edition allows you to purchase Backup Exec by individual options and agents to meet your
backup needs. Specific agents and features are licensed as separately priced items selected from a menu (à la carte).

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