NEI-3WF03C Dış Ortam Kablosuz Erişim Noktası

NEI-3WF03C Outdoor Wireless Bridge / Dış Ortam Kablosuz Erişim Noktası
High performance 802.11n 2×2 MIMO chip
Longest transmission range: 3Km, and max transmission throughput: 300Mbps
Integrated XTrans technology, including TDMA, intelligent rate control, Auto ACK Time-out adjust
TDMA solves the problems of hidden-node problem in the 802.11 network, thus having better long-distance and PTMP
5 operation mode: Access Point, Station, WDS Access Point, WDS Station, WDS Repeater
Point-to-point, point-to-multipoint connection
Unique RF and antenna design enables long-range transmission
Wireless multimedia optimization technology guarantees video/audio transmission QoS
Web based working scenario selection makes the installation and setting much easier
Reliable PoE power supply, support 802.3af standard
Web-based configuration, easy to use
Waterproof housing and accessory kit protects
Features and Functions
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