NEI-3E3756TF Omurga Switch

Switch, 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 24 Gigabit optical ports, 8 10 Gigabit optical ports, Ethernet Layer 3
supports the telecom-level Ethernet-ring protection protocol with a protection shift time of less than 50ms, STP/RSTP, backup of active and standby uplinks, and LACP link aggregation to cater to the requirements of high reliability of carriers;
has powerful ACL functions to access and control L2-L7 data, providing carriers flexible and various policy control methods;
supports In-Service Software Upgrade (ISSU) to ensure the unremitting data forwarding during system upgrade;
supports various L2 multicast functions such as IGMP-snooping, user fast-leave mechanism and trans-vlan multicast copy;
supports priority retagging and complicated flow classification based on VLAN, MAC, source address, destination address, IP or priority to better streamline carrier’s services;
provides flexible bandwidth control policies, supporting port-/flow-based flow limit, and ensuring the line speed forwarding of each port to make sure the high quality of network services;
supports multiple queue schedule algorithms such as SP, WRR, or "SP plus WRR”;
Equipment-level security: The advanced hardware infrastructure design realizes the level-based packet schedule and packet protection, prevents DoS-/TCP-related SYN Flood, UDP Flood, Broadcast Storm or large traffic attacks, and supports level-based command line protection, endowing different levels of users with different management permissions;
Perfect security authentication mechanisms: IEEE 802.1x, Radius and BDTacacs+;
supports storm/multicast/unicast limit which ensures the normal running of equipment in harsh network conditions;
supports perfect ring detection mechanism which ensures the long-term stable running of network;
supports port isolation within the same VLAN, DHCP-Snooping, and IP plus MAC plus Port binding for ensuring user data security;
Supports the IPv6 protocol suite, IPv6 neighbor discovery, ICMPv6, path MTU discovery, DHCPv6, etc;Supports IPv6 tunnel: manual tunnel, automatic tunnel, GRE tunnel, 6to4 tunnel, ISATAP;Supports IPv4 transiting to IPv6: IPv6 manual tunnel, automatic tunnel, 6 to 4 tunnel, ISATAP tunnel.
supports many management modes such as the console port, Telnet, SSH;
supports the WEB management mode, which is easy and efficient so that it makes installation and debugging convenient;
  • 10072.001.258.BFDD
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